Is life passing you by?

No matter what stage you are with your family – life is chaotic, crazy and busy.  Whether it’s feeding and changing your newborn, to being a taxi and cooking service for your pre-teens!  And the toddler years – well, those are a blur of absolute chaos for me!  But last year I really started to take notice of just how quickly my now 9 and 8yr olds are changing and growing and evolving into their own selves.  They’re really starting to grow into their personalities, shaping who they are going to become in the next chapter of their lives (which starts next year for my eldest when she moves up to Secondary school!)

I started looking at mums on the school run with babies and toddlers and wishing I could turn back time.  I wish I had more photographs of them when they were that age.  I wish I’d really taken more care to document all the “firsts” during those younger years.  I’m more than making up for it now, but I was being more choosy about when.  Only taking the camera on days out, holidays or if something really awesome was happening in the garden.  So I decided that this year was the year that I’d take on a Project 365.  Taking a photo every day for a full year.  It’s something I’ve seen people doing for years – it’s not anything new.  I even attempted a P52 a few years back and failed at that – and that was only a photo a week!  But people started fizzling out in the group I was in, and I ended up giving up.

The purpose of this personal project is for me to slow down, and start taking in the moments that happen every day, the things we do, that make up who we are today.  I have a looooong list of things about both my children that I really want to remember.  Things that I don’t want to forget.  Some are physical attributes, others are personality traits, and I’ve thrown in things that we enjoy doing together as a family.  These will likely change over the coming years and I really want to stop putting it off, and properly and thoroughly document our days now.

I’ve had such wonderful support from friends on this project so far, and I’ve encouraged a few people to do their own projects.  But if you do nothing else, spend a day over the weekend, looking for the things that you really want to remember and write them down.  Even better, once you have your list, spend a weekend being conscious of those things and get your camera out (point and shoot, phone, dslr – it doesn’t matter), and start taking some photos of those moments.  You’ll end up with a collection of images that mean SO much to you.

Here are my images from January 2020.

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