MARCH 2020 – The month the World turned upside down

This is no April Fool’s joke…

I don’t know about you, but March was one of the most surreal months I’ve ever experienced.  I’m one of those people who live in a bubble.  I shield myself from the news as much as possible, because quite frankly, it’s just so much doom and gloom.  My husband tells me what I need to know and that works for us.  I listen to the radio in the morning whilst getting ready for school and have it on in the car when I’m playing taxi taking the kids to after school activities.  I was therefore, completely taken aback when my 9yr old woke up at 10.30pm one night, crying because she didn’t want to die from Coronavirus.  I knew that she’d not heard about the severity of it from home and I was really shocked to discover that it had come from the playground.  Kids of 9 and 10 years old were actively and regularly chatting about this at break time!  We used a video from Newsround, to explain what was going on and to put her mind at rest.

With the severity of COVID-19 mounting throughout March and the fear of a UK lockdown becoming a reality, it is more important now than ever for me to document our days.  I know that this time is going to be a huge memory for my children and something that they will tell their children about one day.  We don’t know how long this current situation is going to be in place, but whilst it is, take advantage of it.  You will never get this opportunity to spend so much time together as a family.  Take the stress off the school work, make the most of every day together and document this time and all the good and the bad.  If you want some advice on how to get better photos of your children, I’ve put together an article here with some advice and useful tips to take your photos from good to great.

Stay safe and keep well my friends.

Louise xx



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