April 2020 – preserving and documenting our lockdown story

I’m certain you’ll all agree that the last couple of weeks of March were hectic, strange, worrying and a huge adjustment for most of us.  For example, settling into school from home, adapting to new routines and coming to terms with lockdown restrictions was a huge challenge.  During April, my family definitely found ourselves getting into a rhythm with the school work, trying to get it done in the morning so we could finish for lunch and then have the afternoon to ourselves.

Above all, the improvement in the weather was most definitely an incentive to knuckle down so we could get out for a walk, or have a splash in the pool and a soaking from the hose!  Being able to get outside more in the glorious sunshine definitely injected more fun and energy to my Project 366.  Consequently, April’s photos, despite the current Worldwide pandemic, seem happier and more full of life.

Time seems to go quicker in lockdown!

As a result, I haven’t found myself learning any new languages, or spending hours in the kitchen making homemade bread and cakes.  If anything, our days have gone by in a flash.  We’ve pretty much just “done” the summer holidays!!  How crazy is that??!  At this time, we’d normally be ready to get back into routines, getting new uniforms ironed (well, in my case my annual uniform iron!!) and packing new school bags.  I know I’d be getting excited for that morning you can get home from the school run and have a cup of tea in peace!!

You’ve achieved the impossible!

Everyone will have their own unique stories of lockdown but we’ve all got so much in common.  We’ve had six weeks stuck at home, with only an hour a day to escape for a walk or some exercise.  We’ve not been able to take the kids to soft plays, swimming, parks, or have their friends around for playdates.  The kids were confined to their gardens (weather permitting!) instead of being able to play in the street with their friends.  So many of you have managed all that on top of juggling your own work, housework, tedious solo shopping trips!  Give yourself a pat on the back, be proud of yourself, feel like you’ve achieved the impossible – because you have!

This is not something any of us thought we’d be facing this year, and I for one wasn’t ready.  But we’ve all adjusted, this is going to be our new normal for a while and we’re all getting through it the best we can.  Stay safe, stay alert and stay at home friends

Louise x





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