Freckles, dimples, crazy hair, hands, chubby fingers. Before a session, I'll find out the details that matter to YOU and will chase kids around if necessary to get "that" detail that you want to remember forever. I love movement, especially hair blowing in the wind - I think it's just beautiful and I'm OBSESSED with photographing my daughters hair - so watch out if you have a long locked child!

tell me what matters TO YOU

I'm an observer, a people watcher. Those little private, personal in-between, softer moments feed my soul.  They are so unique and personal to each individual. They make up your story and your family. Those are the times you cherish and always wish someone else was there to capture. I will, and i'll do it with as much love and passion as I would as if it was my OWN family.

i treat your family like my own

I have a relaxed nature and a natural warmth that makes me the ideal photographer for families who want to immediately feel at ease so they can focus on having fun together. I'm like a friend of the family tagging along, capturing the beauty I see whilst you all make cherished memories.

why  CHOOSE me?

LIFESTYLE family photographer, oakham, rutland

louise wilke photography

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