why hire a professional photographer

Why should you hire a professional photographer?

May 10, 2020

Why should you hire a professional photographer over a friend of a friend with a good camera?  You’ve seen your friends photos and they are good.  They are just starting out and will photograph your wedding or family or new baby for next to nothing just to ‘practice’ and/or build their portfolio.  But, when it […]


I’m certain you’ll all agree that the last couple of weeks of March were hectic, strange, worrying and a huge adjustment for most of us.  For example, settling into school from home, adapting to new routines and coming to terms with lockdown restrictions was a huge challenge.  During April, my family definitely found ourselves getting […]

April 2020 – preserving and documenting our lockdown story

May 4, 2020


MARCH 2020 – The month the World turned upside down

April 1, 2020

This is no April Fool’s joke… I don’t know about you, but March was one of the most surreal months I’ve ever experienced.  I’m one of those people who live in a bubble.  I shield myself from the news as much as possible, because quite frankly, it’s just so much doom and gloom.  My husband […]


“Do you want to get better photos of your children??” I started my photography business back in 2013, and I was only taking photographs of children and it was hard!  Since then, I’ve worked with hundreds of completely unique and wonderful kids.  I’ve learnt from my mistakes, and now have great go to tips and […]

How to get better photos of your children?

March 27, 2020


COVID19 – Free resources, tools and advice for families about to embark on home-schooling

March 19, 2020

Many of you, like me, will be facing the daunting task of home-schooling from next week (hats off to those already doing it!).  We’re all going to have our own worries and concerns, but there are so many free resources available to help us, and with just a little bit of planning, some of the […]


finding beauty in your everyday moments

I’ve surprised myself that I’ve completed another month – I really thought that I might struggle to find unique moments to photograph for another whole month.  But this project is just reinforcing to me, that if you look hard enough, if you slow down and take in what’s happening around you, you will always find […]

Finding beauty in the everyday

March 1, 2020


Is life passing you by?

February 1, 2020

No matter what stage you are with your family – life is chaotic, crazy and busy.  Whether it’s feeding and changing your newborn, to being a taxi and cooking service for your pre-teens!  And the toddler years – well, those are a blur of absolute chaos for me!  But last year I really started to […]


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