* Because you can't turn back time.  Simple as that.  Gucci handbag or a photograph of you being smothered in kisses and cuddles by your children?  You can buy another handbag, but you can't go back 10 years to take another photo.
* Do you want your children to have to explain to their children why you were never in the photos?  There might be a giggle in years to come at the clothes you were wearing, but I doubt anything other than how beautiful and happy you all look would be the topic of conversation.
* Memories do sadly fade, and the photographs you take today will be what make the memories come flooding back in the future.
* Will you regret spending time with your family, doing what you love, sharing your love and your story of today to keep forever?  It's likely you'll regret not having done it sooner or when your children were younger, because you can already see how quickly they've changed in a short time.

why is family photography so important?

10" x 10" Fabric Fine Art Photobook with 10 spreads
The full collection of beautifully edited digital images
High resolution, ready to print with full printing rights
Delivered on a keepsake USB


The full collection of beautifully edited digital images
Sized ready to share on social media
Downloadable from your own personal, password protected online gallery
20 x 5x7 fine art prints (of your choice)


The full collection of beautifully edited digital images
Sized ready to share on social media
Downloadable from your own personal, password protected online gallery
5 x 5x7 fine art prints (of your choice)


I specialise in lifestyle family photography, capturing real moments and emotions, not staged ones.  I work with families to choose locations that have meaning to them and feel comfortable - the local park, your favourite woodland walk or within the comfort of your own house.  It's a time for everyone to go on an adventure, play, run free and be wild - doing what you love most together.  Children always take the lead and set the pace and you get to relax, have precious time with your family without the worry of trying to document it yourself.  We allow the real magic and beauty of your family unfold naturally and unforced. 

I'm your eyes.  I photograph first and foremost as a mother and a parent.  I know the images that will make you smile, laugh and cry.  I use my experience as a photographer to make sure you're in the most flattering light and angles, to transform your moments into beautiful images that you'll treasure forever.

how i work



Me too, so I know it can feel strange at first.  But I don't want you to pose or be looking at the camera all the time.  If you want a full gallery of 100% looking at the camera images, I'm not the photographer for you.  I'll observe you and your family, looking for the magic moments, touches and glances - the connections and feelings between you.  When needed, I will gently guide and direct you into natural situations where real things will happen.  We want to capture your family as you are now, being true to who you all are today.  

Whatever you feel most comfortable and yourself in.  You'll obviously want to look and feel your absolute best, but that shouldn't be at the expense of your comfort.  I'll offer you my expertise around styling your family, I'll provide information on items to avoid, and how to dress appropriately to complement the location of your session.  These are your photographs, not mine, so if your 3 year old won't wear anything other than their favourite super hero costume, then that's a part of who they are right now and probably something that you'll want to remember!

We'll work together to find the perfect location that best reflects this time in your life.  It's always nice to choose a location that has some meaning to you all - a local park that the children love, or a woodland where you walk off your Sunday roast.  If your family time is most special at home, we'll set up several activities that you all enjoy doing together, such as baking, playing games and having fun in the garden.  Some locations and places require permission and/or a permit and any fees will be charged to you.  Choosing a location that has meaning will be a truer reflection on this time in your life, documenting somewhere you go regularly instead of "the place you had a photo session".

I don't put a time limit on my sessions - when working with children I find it works best to be flexible to allow time for breaks, snacks, nappy changes etc.  I suggest allowing a maximum of 2hrs and a minimum of an hour.  I only book one family per day to ensure that you have my full commitment to your session.

We hate having photographs taken, how will you work around that?

What should we wear?

Where will the session take place?

How long to the sessions last?

They'll be too busy having fun and playing with you!  I never force children to smile, join in, or do anything they don't want to do.  I want to capture them exactly as they are and get genuine laughs and smiles.  Children always set the pace for every session, and as every child is different, I'll adapt the situation to suit.  Sometimes that's shifting focus to another child (and it doesn't take long for them to want to join in!), or i'll put the camera down and we'll take a break, play a game or sing a nursery rhyme until they are ready.  I've worked with hundreds of children, each wonderfully unique and I always win them over!

We're keen to book, but worried that the children won't join in or co-operate?

Not at all, but if you'd like to, I'm more than happy to and do encourage it as I find meeting face-to-face much more personable than just sending a questionnaire or having a quick phone chat.  I appreciate that time is precious, so at the very least I'd appreciate a phone conversation to check that we fit and to find out your vision for your session in order to make it the best it can be.

Do we need to meet before we book?

I book a limited amount of sessions per month/year, so sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.  As soon as you've paid the non-refundable booking fee of £200, I will take no other sessions on that date.

How far in advance do we need to book?

I'm based nr Oakham in the heart of beautiful Rutland, and still relatively new to the County so I love exploring it! I'm close to the bordering counties of Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire - travel fees may be incurred depending on your location so get in touch to chat further.

Where are you located?


Every family is different, so no two sessions or images are the same - your images will reflect honest and real life moments and memories that speak to YOU. I photograph your family for YOU, not for me or my portfolio!

i promise

photographs FOR YOU

My packages are all inclusive. What you see is what you get. I believe that the collection of images together, best tell your story and document this time in your life, not just 1 or 2. You will receive all the usable images, I promise not to hard sell to purchase products, but I'll get excited and help if you want to!

no hidden extras

i promise

I'm here to help you, guide you and hold your hand from start to finish. I want this experience to be enjoyable, fun and stress free. I will make sure that you are all fully prepared and excited for your session and the memories you're going to make together to treasure forever.

i'm here to help

i promise


Absolutely in love with the work Lou produces.  The photos are absolutely stunning and better than we ever hoped.  Lou is amazing at making me feel comfortable as I hate being in front of a camera, but she prepares the session depending on who she is working with, so for me showed me some ideas so I felt more comfortable.  Perfection!!


We have had 3 shoots with Louise, and our images have been used as gifts as we loved them so much and we're so happy.  I have a genuine dislike of being in front of the camera, but Lou managed to get me pictures of me interacting with my children that no-one else ever manages to take - so priceless.  Would recommend Lou to anyone if you want genuine family moments captured without awkward poses.


So much fun and was just like a family walk without a photographer really!!   You were fantastic with the kids.


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